This will be quick, since I have to head out the door in a few minutes to head over to the 2010 New York Comicon, but I have some great signings set up that I wanted to post in case anyone feels like saying hello.


4-5 – Shadowline table (O-2) with con-exclusive 27-related items, including all four issues of the book!

5-7 – Indie Spinner Rack table (booth 425) – I’ll have materials from Strongman 1 and 2, as well as some of the 27 stuff as well.


3-4 – Shadowline (with cover artist Scott Forbes!)

5-7 – Indie Spinner Rack


11-12 – Shadowline

I’ll be around for most of the day Friday, from about 3 on Saturday, and then most of the day on Sunday.  Hope to see some of you guys there!