As I’ve mentioned here and there on my Twitter, I’m going to have a special 26-page preview of Strange Attractors available at New York Comicon this coming weekend.  It’s a limited edition thing, only 100 copies, and we did up a special cover for it.  It’s super cool, and I just got them in, so I thought I would show you the cover so you know what to look for at the show.  Here you go:

Cool, right? This combines designs by Robert Saywitz and Matthew Petz – REAL NICE.


You can get it, along with the other stuff I’ll have (lots of 27, Strongman, etc.) at table R6 in Artist’s Alley.  I also expect to have a few at my Archaia signings.  I’ll post up my schedule for the week soon – typically crazy, but wonderful.  I hope we all survive all that fun.