Online home (for now) of Charles Soule, a Brooklyn, New York based writer and musician.  I also have (for now) a day job, best not discussed here – this is intended to be a place to talk about my creative work.

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  1. Adrian Melicor Says:

    I’m not sure if this is the same charlie soule that i knew in grade school. but i can’t help but at least try to find out!

    Good job on jeopardy by the way! =)

  2. charlessoule Says:

    That’s me, and thanks!

  3. Dean Schnider Says:

    Hi Charles –

    Would love to talk with you more about your “27” comic. Do you have an agent/manager I should reach out to directly? Look forward to hearing from you.


    Dean Schnider
    Management 360

  4. Hey Charles,

    I recently learned of you from your work on ’27,’ which I can’t wait to read when it hits stores next week.

    I’m also a brooklyn-based comic book writer, and I’m actually working on an OGN with Renzo right now. It’s very impressive that you had 50 completed pages as you were shopping ’27’ around.

    I was curious to know what days you’ll be at KingCon this weekend? Would love to pick your brain about pitching.

    Feel free to check out my site for a different comic I’ve recently pitched.

    Kindest Regards,
    Jeremy Holt

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      Hi, Jeremy –

      I’ll be at KingCon on Saturday and Sunday, and my band is playing the kickoff party on Friday night. Definitely swing by!


  5. Ayoung Says:

    Hi Charles,

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    Thank you in advance for considering participation in my study!
    Ayoung Yoon
    Doctoral Student
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    School of Information and Library Science

  6. Hi Charles Soule
    My name my Friend Chris Keszycki My friend and I do a podcast called Comic Book Road Show. We would like an interview with you about 27. We both read 27 and love it, we would like to talk to you about 27 the trade and 27 the second set and other projects you are working on. We do are interview over Skype or by phone. We can work around your schedule. You can check out are website to see other interviews we have done
    Thank you for taken your time to read this. Look forward to talking too you soon.
    Thank You
    Chris Keszycki

  7. Susi Graf Says:


    Yesterday I read 27 which I bought at Mocca, Robert Saywitz talked to me. I wonder if you’d be interested to talk to me about possibly story consulting me on my project.

    If you’d like please email me at

  8. Deborah Thuman Says:

    The Charles Soules I once knew was born in 1953 in Buffalo, NY. Are you him?

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      Unfortunately, no – I was born in Milwaukee, somewhat after 1953. But good luck with your search; in my experience, Charles Soules are exceptionally good people.

  9. One of my best friends got into comics because of Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing. He’s really happy with your first issue, and is really looking forward to your Third Eye appearance.

    I have a passing appreciation for the Red Lanterns(My 2013 New Year’s resolution involves multiples of the same Red Lantern shirt, and a year long wardrobe choice), and Guy was probably my favorite Green Lantern during the Geoff Johns run. If you’d be so kind, since I doubt I’ll be able to ask you much more than ‘Can you make it out “To Sparkles” please?’ on FCBC, I had a few questions:

    1) How do you view the function and purpose of the Red Light to the Lanterns themselves?

    2) With the story shifting to Guy instead of the current core members of the Red Lanterns, how are you going to write it so a someone with Protanopia will be able to tell they didn’t accidentally pick up a copy of GLC?

    3) Each Red Lantern seems representative of a different form rage can take. Selfish(Bleeze), vengeful(Atrocitus), repressed(Rankorr), sarcastic(Zilius Zox), and alone(Ratchet) all seem to be represented in the current cast. Are they going to be explored more as protagonists, or are they becoming supporting cast to Guy? In the same vein, what facet of rage do you think Guy is representative of?

    4) When is Dex-Starr coming back?

    Thanks for at least reading this far.

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      Hey, Ray –

      Thanks for the note – looking forward to seeing you in Annapolis next week. I’m getting ready to head out to C2E2 right this second, so I’m not sure I can address your questions in too much detail at the moment, but we can definitely talk about this stuff at Third Eye.

      Guy is going to be a big part of the RL run I have planned, mainly because I see him as a great entry point to the Reds. I want to flesh out the entire roster (make them more than the archetypes you suggest), and I want to do that, in part, by viewing them through the lens of a “regular guy” like Guy Gardner. However, NO ONE is going to mistake RL for GLC. Promise.

      Dex-Starr’s back right away, and plays a very significant role. I love that dude.


      1. I was informed by my friends that during the signing I was “sneering and as pretentious as I’ve ever seen you.” I apologize profusely. I’d been up for about 50 hours at that point due to moving my family away while I finish work in Maryland. I drove back specifically for the FCBD signing, but the my ability to talk to people seems to have suffered as a consequence. Again, sorry about the glowering. It was great to meet you, and I’m really excited for the future of Red Lanterns. After reading ST #20, I know my favorite comic is in the hands of exactly who it should be. I’m excited for the 26th of June. Thank you so much, and if you make it back to Annapolis I’ll make sure I sleep at some point before I come to the signing.

  10. Charles Soule Says:

    No worries, Ray – I didn’t even notice. Thanks for the kinds words on Swamp Thing, and I hope Red Lanterns works for you! Looking forward to hearing your opinion.

  11. I am new to your work. I’ll have to try out Strongman soon.

  12. Chai Xiong Says:

    Hey Charles, I just found your blog. It’s awesome by the way. I really enjoy Swamp Thing and I’m looking forward to your take on Superman/Wonder Woman. Keep’em coming.

  13. Hi Charles,

    I’m an editor for and I’d like to schedule an interview with you at Baltimore Comic Con. Please email or hit me up on twitter @Edgyarmo to work something out.

    Thank you,

  14. Hi Charles,

    Not to be repetitive here but would it at all be possible to arrange an interview with yourself for our blog?

    We could contact you via Skype or email or any method you prefer, It would be greatly appreciated and I am certain it would have great appeal to our followers.


  15. Alex Kelso Says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m an editor for Fordham University’s Cura Literary Magazine and we are interested in having you submit some work for our upcoming publication. We’d like to send our official email for this, so if you would be willing to let us know what your email is, that would be great. Thank you so much.

    Alex Kelso

  16. Veronica Says:

    Hello Charles.
    I’ve just read your first issue of Superman/WonderWoman. You seem to be quite the story teller with an ability to do rich characterisations. Would you consider throwing your hat in the ring for Flash?

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      I love Flash – there have been some amazing runs on that character. I’d love to take a crack at him one of these days. We’ll see what happens!

      Thank you for the kind words, too!

  17. N Says:

    Gotta say that I’m loving that dynamic Punisher and Elektra relationship you made in Thunderbolts. Now I’m just waiting for the future announcement of the new Punisher/Elektra series that you’ll be writing. A fan can dream right. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      Thanks very much! We’ll see how things go. I’d love to write a P/E series – maybe someday.

  18. Matt O'Keefe Says:

    Hi, Charles. I’m a staff writer for The Comics Beat and was wondering if you’d be interested in doing an interview to promote Letter 44? Loved those first two issues. You can email me at matt @

    Matt O’Keefe

  19. Markus Says:

    Hello Charles.
    I love your work on a multiple titles. I have a question about Swamp Thing: Since you have worked with the Greek gods in Superman/Wonder Woman is there a possibility that Demeter will make an appearance in Swamp Thing?
    Thank you for your great work.

    1. Charles Soule Says:

      Hi, Markus – Anything’s possible. I really like the New 52 design of Demeter, and using the gods is always fun. We’ll see!


  20. Keith Says:

    Congrats on the great run over the last year writing for the Big 2.

    Just found the autographed Swamp Thing 19 you signed last year at Moccafest.

  21. Hi. I read and enjoyed Strongman a few years ago and just found out there’s a volume 2, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is it still available? If not, do you anticipate another printing? Thanks.

  22. Dan Says:

    Congrats on being a marvel exclusive

  23. Rafael Ribeiro Says:

    Hi Charles,

    My name is Rafael, I’m from Brazil. I’ma big fan of comics and especially the Inhumans, I’ve read, reread and collect everything that has left on them. What qualifies me to say that the inhuman, is at his best, thank you. I want to congratulate you and it stays that way I see a very promising future and the Inhumans you surely will be part of it.


    PS: I loved Medusa as dark queen in Inhuman#9 and 10. Is possible to further explore that side on more time ?

  24. Eric Says:

    Hi Charles, we spoke briefly at Fan Expo in Toronto this past weekend. I showered you with deserved praise. I picked up vol 1 of Letter 44 (thank you for signing it) and absolutely loved it. I meant to ask if you’ve taken any creative writing courses, or did you just jump in and practice, practice, practice?

  25. Andrew Says:

    Hi Charles. I finally finished your run on Swamp Thing and you knocked it out of the park! I daresay that I found your story arcs more compelling than Snyder’s. The Machine Queen arc in particular was such an exciting episode of combining and tying up threads from all over the New 52 iteration. Very much looking forward to your future work!

  26. Hello,

    I recently picked up your Daredevil comics and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. My favorite issue so far is No. 8 with the poker tournament. You and your team are impressive. I am also impressed with the fact that you are a lawyer, a musician and a comic book writer. I am going to law school in August with an interest in Immigration/international law and I am an aspiring writer. I am amazed you find the time to do everything. Anyway keep up the great work.

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