It’s pretty clear that this blog has moved on out of my ordinary workflow at this point – I think that’s partly because I’m a pretty busy little typer, and if it’s a choice between typing up a post or working on an upcoming project/deadline or… not writing, one of the latter two has been more appealing. But I also think the world has moved past blogs as a way to get information – writing one of these is like shouting into an empty room in comparison with, say, tweeting something. I still think there’s some value here, though – although I bet the same thing could be accomplished by a newsletter, as a number of my writerly colleagues in and out of comics have already discovered. So – looking into that, as well as a better web presence in general. I had a nice little site hosted by the fine folks at Flavors.me, but as they’ve moved on to Internet Heaven I’ll have to find another answer. As with everything else, it’s just about finding time and headspace to make all the creative decisions involved – two zones which are already pretty well-occupied for me.

So let’s talk about that a little – I’m lucky to be able to say that I’m writing quite a bit at the moment. Here’s the list, with little updates on projects current, past and future:

  1. CURSE WORDS: This is my big Image Comics project with co-creator Ryan Browne, who is the absolute best, and a guy I’ve been hoping to work with for years. It’s about a wizard from a very bad place, like an evil dark dimension, who arrives in NYC with orders to destroy the world. But once he gets here, he starts hanging out and decides he has too much fun in our world to end it. Things go straight to hell from there. The series began in January, is published in single issues every month, and the first collection – of the first story arc “The Devil’s Devil” – hits on July 19! Here’s the cover to that collection:
    61Kn+BuYUgL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Beautiful, no? Ryan and I are going on tour to support this book from July 21 through August 14. We’re getting a van, decorating it up all wizard-like, and driving all around the US to visit stores and cities everywhere to promote the book. This all started as sort of a dumb idea some months back to make sure people would keep thinking and talking about Curse Words even after its initial launch (not always an easy thing to pull off.) It’s turned into something real – all too real – and it’s crazy to think that in ten days we’re headed out to see this great land of ours. We’re pretty excited about it, though, and hopefully it will all be as much fun as we think it will be. Here’s the tour schedule:Wizard Van Tour Stops

2. THE ORACLE YEAR – If you’re an avid reader of this blog, or you follow me on Twitter (that’s really the best place to get the day to day updates from me right now) you’ll know that I sold my first novel, The Oracle Year, to HarperCollins publishing last November. The book is about a man who obtains one hundred and eight specific predictions of the future, what he decides to do with them, and how he and the world are nearly shattered by those choices. We’re about eight months out from the sale, and it’s been such an interesting process. The wheels move much more slowly than comics, although in a good way. It’s just different. The book’s been through a few rounds of edits, and copy-edits (which was fascinating – all kudos to people who do that job), the cover’s been designed, I have new author photos, we have a publication date, the whole deal. More news will start to break on that this month and next, but for now… well, it’s an incredible ride, something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid, and I hope many, many millions of you will buy the book when it comes out. Sure would be great for all involved!

3. MARVEL SUPERHEROES! Still writing a LOT for Marvel, which remains phenomenal. I’m getting to write books about characters I love, add to the larger mythology… can’t beat it. Right now, I’m doing two books in the Marvel superhero universe, and two in the Star Wars world – I’ll hit them separately.

a. DAREDEVIL – I’ve been writing Daredevil since 2015, and as readers since then already know, there was a big plan all along in the book – every issue is part of a larger story building up to the current arc, entitled “Supreme.” As I write this, we’re a bit over halfway through that arc, with Issue 23 on shelves last week. The story runs until Issue 25, and is a big, cool culmination of a bunch of storytelling that I’ve been building up for literally years. After that, it’s a cool story involving Daredevil’s protégé Blindspot called “Land of the Blind,” and then… we’ll see. It’s been great, over the last year or so (really starting with “Dark Art,” “Seventh Day,” “Purple” and now “Supreme,”) to see how readers are getting acquainted with the overall picture of the story. When you’ve only got one or two issues out, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that’s barely been assembled. You don’t really know what you’re reading, and you’re holding this incomplete thing up in your head against the perfect, complete stories you’ve already read using the character (and with Daredevil, there have been plenty).  Now, though, it’s easier to see what I’ve been building – but don’t worry, still plenty of surprises to come.

b. ASTONISHING X-MEN – I’m writing a new X-Men series (first issue is out on July 19, same day as Curse Words v1 AND Curse Words #6, actually, which is one day after my birthday – buy them all as your personal gift to me!) involving a pretty intense lineup of mutants – Psylocke, Old Man Logan, Fantomex, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Mystique and Bishop. It’s designed to be a very focused, fast read, building to something very specific… but it’s also a puzzle box, where you’re constantly getting great X-moments but you’re not entirely sure if you’re on steady ground as far as what they mean. The book has a rotating roster of wonderful artists (starting with Jim Cheung, then Mike Deodato Jr., then Ed McGuinness and just rolling on from there), and hopefully won’t feel like anything else out there, whether X-y or not. I’m very proud of it – I’m swinging for the fences on it. I hope you’ll like it too.

4. STAR WARS – writing two books in the Star Wars universe right now… let’s talk about them a bit!

a. POE DAMERON – I just turned in script for Issue 20 on this book. I’ve been writing Poe since just after The Force Awakens came out, and now we’ve got The Last Jedi approaching quickly on the horizon. Such a time to be a Star Wars fan! Such a time to be a Star Wars CREATOR! It’s incredible. In part because of my work on this book, I got to attend Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this past spring as a guest, which was a blast – seeing a unified group gathered around one set of stories and characters was very interesting as opposed to your average comic convention, which is a bit more cacophonous fandom-wise. Poe’s been an awesome ride for me as its writer – Phil Noto did an amazing job drawing the book through issue 13, and then Angel Unzueta has put on Poe’s jacket for the current run of issues – he’ll be around for a good bit, which is great (and Phil’s still on for covers, which is fantastic too!) While the Poe Dameron series is set in the pre-The Force Awakens timeline, the book’s story is getting closer to those fateful events on Jakku that open the movie, and we’ll start to feel that as the book moves on. Exciting times – and like Daredevil, it all reads as part of the same story (as it should.)

b. DARTH VADER – Wow, the response to THIS book… thank you to everyone reading, talking and thinking about it. I knew a Vader book would be big, in part because Kieron Gillen’s run on with Salvador Larocca and the other great artists on that book was massive (and perfectly executed) – but man. You guys are into this book, and it feels phenomenal. As I write this, two issues are out, with Issue 3 hitting tomorrow. The first story arc deals with Darth Vader, new to his dark suit of armor, heading out into the galaxy to find a surviving Jedi so he can take his lightsaber and use it as the seed for his own, iconic red blade. I think issues 1-5 of this book are one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it might just get better from there. All thanks, too, to Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, David Curiel and Joe Caramagna – we’re all working as a team here to bring you something special. Some books feel like everything’s just syncing up perfectly, and that’s Vader so far. Very pleased and fortunate to be on this book.

5. OTHER STUFF – this is the part of the “here’s what I’m up to” post where, traditionally, I tease stuff I can’t really talk about too much. So, speculate away about… a AAA game for which I did a bunch of writing… another prose story I’m extremely proud of that will be seeing the light of day relatively soon… the plot of my second novel, which is ticking along… the massive creator-owned project that I’ve been working on for about a year – first art should start to appear in August, which is amazing. Artist is someone I’m beyond thrilled to be working with – this will be a big one.

So there you go – perhaps next time this will be a newsletter, we’ll see. Right now, as I look up at all of these stories I get to tell, I’m thinking what I always think around the end of these posts, which is this: “man, I am lucky.” Thank you for helping to keep my lucky streak going, and see you on the road for that Curse Words tour!



Welcome to what is now, apparently, my quarterly semi-retrospective on what’s going on with my writing career.  What can I say? Blogging takes time, Twitter is quicker, and it’s rare that I feel like I have the headspace credit to spend on something that doesn’t immediately move me towards getting out from under another deadline or project. This morning, though, I think I do! I wrote late into the night last night with the specific purpose of finishing a big script so this morning could feel a bit more open. And so it does, and so here I am (and hopefully, here you are as well.)

I wanted to write a bit about an incredible thing that happened to me about six weeks ago, which I haven’t really discussed all that much beyond a few cryptic tweets: I sold my first novel. It’s a big, real-deal tale about a man who obtains a bit over a hundred specific predictions of the future about events large and small, all due to occur within a relatively short span of time. The book’s story covers how this fellow’s life changes as a result, how the world nearly shatters once it realizes someone out there can tell them what’s going to happen, and ultimately, the reason he got the predictions in the first place.  It’s called The Oracle Year, and it was acquired by Sara Nelson at HarperCollins after phenomenal work by my wonderful agent Seth Fishman at The Gernert Company and Angela Cheng Caplan of the Cheng Caplan Company. It also looks like it will be published all over the world – six territories and counting, from Russia to Germany to Brazil and more. It’s a big, trajectory-altering thing for me.

It all happened very quickly – if you consider years of work followed by an extremely rapid, intense few weeks “quickly.” The Oracle Year was a project I worked on when I had time, in the background of all the other things that I do (law, the various comics projects, travel, living my life), and it took a while. Years, in fact. It would have been faster (I’m nothing if not fast, thankfully), but I find that novels require a different kind of thinking than comics scripts (or screenplays.) Whenever I write anything, I need to shift my mind into a visual space where I can literally see the events taking place. I see the finished comic in my head as I write it, even if the actual art ends up looking different than I visualize it, of course. It’s usually a bit sketchy, though. The characters are precise, as are their actions and especially their dialogue, but the backgrounds can be loose, like an impressionist painting.

Novels… nope. In order to get to a place where I can write prose fiction successfully, I have to generate a much clearer, more detailed mindscape – I need to be there. The Oracle Year has scenes set all over the US and the world (New York City is the main location, as is the case with a lot of my work, but we also visit Florida, Uruguay, Central Africa, the South Pacific and other diverse locales.) All of that needs to be crystal-clear in my head for each location, but I also have to keep the balance of the book’s overall story and character arcs present in my mind, plus the thorny business of plot – tension and release. It’s very challenging, and it’s not usually something I can just snap into. I can write a comic script in a day, fairly easily at this point. In order to work on the novel, I usually liked at least three days. The first day to get myself back into the appropriate headspace, the second day to do some work, and then the third day to fix the dumb ideas I had on day two.

If you know anything about my schedule over the past few years, finding three open days in a row has been rare. But it got done, and then it got done again, and again (you don’t write a novel once – you write it a bunch of times, through edit passes large and small.) Then, my team took the book out, and I started taking meetings and having calls, and then I had a deal. It all happened in the last week of October and the first week of November – it essentially wrapped up on Election Day. I was in Beijing, half-hallucinating from jetlag and the tension of the world-changing things happening back in the US and the life-changing thing happening for me personally. My mind felt like this:



Actual shot from my hotel window of the Blade Runner-esque smog soup that is often Beijing’s atmosphere in winter.


It’s a wonderful thing, a truly, truly wonderful thing – something I’ve been working towards for a long time. I love comics, but I love novels too, and the idea that over the next year I’ll be seeing options for cover art, perhaps walking into bookstores to see that cover on the shelf, and at long last sharing this story that’s been just mine for so long with other readers in the world… it’s still something I’m processing. I’m excited and nervous, and I hope you’ll find it and I hope you’ll like it. I’ll be talking much more about The Oracle Year over 2017 as we get closer to publication (looking like about a year from now, give or take,) so brace yourselves for the self-promotional flurry that’s just essential these days, especially for a first novel.

None it would have happened without my family, who have been hearing about this goddamn story FOREVER, and who very graciously allowed me to vanish from time to time so I could work on it. My early readers were wonderful one and all, some of whom read it more than once, god help them – Amy Soule, Shawn De Pasquale, Matt Idelson, Ben McCool, Ray Fawkes, Carl Marcellino, Michael Pereira, Scott Snyder, David Liss, John Michel and of course Sara, Seth and Angela (if I’ve forgotten anyone there, I’m a bad person and will make it up to you in the actual Author’s Note.)  And of course, thank you for being interested in my work. The fact that I already have a profile as a writer was a component in all of this for sure, and that’s because you gave me that profile – so thank you.

Now, as I still have a bit of time this morning… I’m going to go read a book. Happy Holidays!


It’s here! The insanest weekend in the intensest city – New York Comicon rolls around once again. My schedule is packed – I’m tabling, paneling, signing and partying, all of which I hope to do with all of you. I’ll lay it all out here, and then we’ll see what we can see.

First and foremost, let’s talk about this “Curse Words Wizard Party” I’ve been social media-ing about for the past few weeks. As you may already know, the Unsinkable Ryan Browne and I have a new book coming out for Image Comics – it’s called CURSE WORDS, and it’s about a nice, cool wizard appearing out of nowhere one day in NYC and becoming a spellcaster-for-hire. Many twists and turns ensue, not least that he’s actually a nice, cool wizard at all – he’s a TERRIBLE, EVIL wizard who was sent here to destroy the world. Uh-oh! We call it Lord of the Rings meets Breaking Bad, but with magic instead of meth – and it’s kind of funny.

The comic is ongoing, and begins in January. It’s already gotten some really nice coverage in Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter, but we want to keep getting the word out – hence the Wizard Party. The amazing people at Image were kind enough to let us take over part of their big NYCC event at Bowlmor Lanes Times Square on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7. We’ll be in a club room on the 3rd floor called the Luna Lounge, starting around 9. Details:

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 2.23.32 PM.png

Now, what the hell is a Wizard Party? Well, it’s sort of a variety show, featuring:

  • Live music from The Wizard Band (literally a band of wizards, who play songs either about magic or that actually ARE magic);
  • A live-read performance from the book with comedians from the NYC Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (and emceeing from Jeremy Bent, also part of that doughty crew);
  • Wizard Trivia with fabulous prizes;
  • A raffle for yet another fabulous magical prize – everyone who comes to the Image Party gets a ticket, FREE (until we run out):


Also, assuming FedEx doesn’t mess me up on the delivery today, everyone who comes to the Image Party will also get a pair of THESE BABIES, FREE (while supplies last):


Ryan and I will also be giving those away at our tables (X-2 and X-3 in Artist’s Alley), free with every purchase of the Curse Words Exclusive Preview comic, a look at Issue 1 of the book in advance of its January debut (again, while supplies last):


So, that’s the Wizard Party. We’re excited about this book, and wanted to do something fun to get the world out a bit – hope to see you all there.

Beyond that, here’s my day-to-day schedule:

ALL DAYS – I am at table X-3 in Artist’s Alley, sandwiched between Ryan Browne and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, the incredible artist of my series Letter 44. Should be a blast. As you read the info below, keep in mind that this is a crazy show, and things happen. If the schedule below changes, I’ll probably tweet it (follow me @charlessoule) or I’ll try to have a sign at my table.


This is the busiest day. I intend to be at my table from 10-11 in the morning, but then…

11-12 AM – I’m doing the long-running WRITERS UNITE panel with my good friend Jim Zub. It’s a process panel, where we talk about breaking into the business, how to construct a good script, all that stuff. It is A MUST for anyone interested in writing comics on any level. We really focus on useful information, and it’s always fun.

12:30-1:30 PM – BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY – yet another panel about getting into comics, this one more Marvel-specific. Always helpful and interesting.

2:30-3:30 PM – SIGNING AT THE COMIXOLOGY BOOTH IN ARTIST’S ALLEY – Believe it or not, I have a trading card this year! I’m part of the second series of Comixology-created Comics All-Stars cards, and I’ll be signing them here.


4:30-6:15 – At my table.

6:30-7:30 – IMAGE COMICS: ADVENTURE – A story-breaking panel with Greg Rucka, Simon Spurrier and some other awesome folks, at which we’ll talk about making tales that really pop.

As you can see, I’ll only be at the table that day for two windows, both a bit short. It gets better over the course of the weekend, I promise.


11-12 AM – STAR WARS: A WRITER’S ROUNDTABLE – offsite from the main con, at 500 W. 36th Street (a block away), at an event called BookCon. I’ll be talking all things Jedi and droids with a murderer’s row of authors, including Timothy Zahn, Chuck Wendig, E.K. Johnston and James Luceno. Holy crud! This might be my most looked-forward to part of the con – other than the Wizard Party, of course. I can’t believe I’m part of this.

12:30-6 – At my table. Might take the occasional break so I don’t die, but my intention is to be there for this chunk of time.

9 PM – THE WIZARD PARTY!!! (See above.)


10-2:30 – At my table. I have something to do around 11, but otherwise I intend to be here.

2:45 – 3:45 – MARVEL CUP O’ JOE – long-running panel at which many cool upcoming Marvel things are discussed and teased.

4-7 – At my table.


10-5 – At my table. This may adjust slightly depending on other factors, but generally I plan to be here.

And then, we all pass out. Can’t wait to see everyone!




Hey hey! My fall 2016 convention craziness is about to begin, so I thought I’d toss up a quick blog post to talk about the very latest. I am doing four conventions in the next six weeks:

September 2-4 – Baltimore Comicon

September 10-11 -Rose City Comicon (Portland, OR)

September 24-25 – Wizard World Austin

October 6-10 – New York Comicon

Feels like quite a bit – hell, it is quite a bit. The coolest thing about those shows, though, is that I’ll be starting to pull back the veil on my brand new creator-owned project, CURSE WORDS – an ongoing gonzo fantasy project with Ryan Browne on the art, to be published by the amazing folks at Image Comics. It was first announced in Entertainment Weekly’s San Diego Comicon issue this past July (which was pretty amazing, I have to say). Here’s that coverage:

EW Article

The book is about a very bad wizard from a strange, dark dimension who pops up in modern-day New York City and pretends to be a very good wizard so he can get famous and enjoy all the awesome things our world has that his home doesn’t. Along the way he becomes a defender of our world against various magical threats, but not because he’s a good guy – he just doesn’t want his favorite clubs and stuff to get wrecked. The tone is what I suppose you could call “dramedic” – there’s a very serious story going on, with lots of punch you in the gut moments, but it’s got this surreal, funny element to it as well. Plus hogtaurs and talking koalas and magical derring-do.

While the first issue doesn’t hit until January, Ryan and I put together an ashcan for the first issue, which contains twenty-four beautifully illustrated, fully lettered story pages in black and white (the final book will be in color). I will have that book available at all of the fall conventions listed above, while supplies last – and they’re limited, so if you want one make sure to swing by the table. Here’s what you’re looking for cover-wise:


Nice, right? Should be pretty collectible, if you’re into that sort of thing. See you soon!


There. That’s the image that let me know I’d be in fantastic shape art-wise for my run on Daredevil – the long-running series from Marvel Comics that commences its next chapter with a new #1 issue today. I wrote it, Ron Garney did unbelievable work penciling and inking it and Matt Milla colored it. The image above is one of the very first things Ron drew as we were talking about the series. I knew that a lot of the action (at least early on) would be set in Chinatown, due to the fact that Daredevil’s new apprentice – a fellow named Sam Chung who goes by the hero name Blindspot – was based down there. In addition, Matt’s new job, as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, is based downtown as well. So, Ron was able to put together this little mockup of what that might look like… and wow, right?

We’ll get more Chinatown-set action as the series continues, but this is where it began. So… I knew I’d be more than good on the art, all I had to do was write the damn thing.

Daredevil is a challenging gig. It’s known for really sophisticated, thoughtful takes on superhero-ing, the psychological impacts of vigilantism, the cost of the costumed life, and so on. It’s boasted some of the best writers and artists in comics history, from Stan Lee to Alex Maleev Frank Miller to Chris Samnee to Brian Michael Bendis to Paolo Rivera to Ed Brubaker to David Mazzucchelli to Ann Nocenti to Kevin Smith to Michael Lark to Joe Quesada to Klaus Janson and many others to… the guy I get to follow on the title, the amazing Mark Waid. Many of these folks are heroes of mine – the Bendis DD in particular was a seminal run for me in my “modern phase” of comics reading. Following all of that up – not easy.

There’s also the fact that I’m an attorney myself, which hypothetically *should* translate into me being able to write a great book about a superhero who is also a lawyer. I dunno about that bit. I know a lot of lawyers, and very few of them are running around on rooftops after hours smacking criminals around. They’re generally too beat from 60- 80- 100-hour weeks. But I don’t want to be disingenuous – my experience in the law *should* allow me to explore some new angles in the many trials of Matt Murdock. (HA! Get it? You won’t get THAT kind of business from a non-lawyer DD writer!)

Anyway, lots of pressure – Daredevil is a signature gig, and with the TV show airing on Netflix right now, the character’s exposure is possibly at its highest peak. If I get it right… all good. If I screw it up… not so good. So… how did I approach it?

First thing, I had to put aside pretty much everything you’ve read so far in this post, except knowing that I had the art in my back pocket. I had to step aside from everyone else’s take and find my own. I didn’t (and never) want to just ape someone else’s approach. What’s the point of that? I’d rather go down in flames for doing something I believed in, that was mine, than coast along by relying on the goodwill generated by another writer’s take. I LOVE Waid’s Daredevil. I’ve read that first issue over and over again – it’s perfect. But there’s more than one kind of DD – that’s part of the beauty of the character. So, I knew almost from the start that I would go a bit darker, a bit weirder. You’ll see as the story continues that the villains are odd. It’s not a supernatural book by any means, but it is a creepy book, from time to time. I don’t want it to feel safe.

That said, with a new #1 I think it’s smart to give readers a taste of what they might be expecting before going too far off the deep end – so Matt is back in New York City. He’s lawyering again – although now a prosecutor instead of a defense attorney. He has his secret identity back. He has this new apprentice kid, Blindspot.

(By the way, one of the early previews of the cover for Issue 1 had some people thinking that Blindspot was actually Gambit, a heavily Cajun-accented X-Man known for macking on any lady within arm’s reach. I was amazed that people would think that – what the hell kind of book would a Daredevil-Gambit story even be? Why would Gambit become DD’s apprentice? Just made me laugh – but then I thought about it, and if there’s ever a chance to get Gambit into a story during my run, maybe I’ll do it. I doubt Gambit fans would be too thrilled with the idea I’m currently playing with, though…)

Anyway, Daredevil #1 is designed to be a mix of what you know and what you don’t know. I’ve changed a lot about his setup – but yet it still should sort of feel like the Daredevil you know, the one you’ve been watching on Netflix. That will evolve over time as we move deeper into DD’s new world.

I see the run as a huge novel – I’ve currently plotted out through around Issue 24, the first two years on the title. So, things that happen in these early issues (and before this, in the eight month gap that’s taken place between the end of Mark and Chris’ run and this new #1) will have ramifications and resonance as we move forward. (How did Matt get his secret identity back?) We’ll interact with heroes and villains new and old, and we’ll see members of Matt Murdock’s supporting cast from prior runs (people like Foggy Nelson, Kirsten McDuffie and more.) I’m working on a big Elektra story right now. The way Matt is with them won’t necessarily be the way you’re used to – but I don’t believe my job on Daredevil, or any book, is to give you what you’re used to.

It’s to do my job.

“I’m glad you’re back. This city needs you. And I think you need this city, too.” – Steve Rogers, Daredevil #4


Wow – you’d think this blog and I are no longer on speaking terms, for the frequency with which I’ve been posting here recently. That’s not the case – it’s just that I’ve been spending my writing time elsewhere. Given the choice between a script or a blog post, I’ll always take the script. Still, there’s a lot to talk about – my 2016 is looking quite interesting, and 2015’s not done yet, either. Maybe I’ll find a few minutes here or there to write some of that up.

For the moment, though, it’s New York Comicon! This year promises to be super crazy nuts, in a good way. I have a new series being announced on Saturday at the Marvel Cup O’ Joe panel, my band is playing a show at the Oni Press / New York Super Week Rock ‘n’ Comix party Thursday (that’s tonight!) and I have plenty of other panels, interviews, etc.

The most important thing to know is that I’ll be at table W15 in Artist’s Alley for the show when I’m not at a panel or whatever. I will have some help at the booth, so even if I’m not there, someone should be able to let you know when I’m back, and sell you stuff if you want it. I’m going to try implementing a new policy this year, which is that if you buy something when I’m not there, you’ll get a little ticket which will let you skip the line when I’m back and get it signed right away. We’ll see how that works.

I’ll have lots of Lando, Civil War, She-Hulk, Letter 44, Strange Attractors, Death of Wolverine, Swamp Thing and other items, including some very rare variants (such as the Maleev/Soule Lando #1 “red cover” exclusive.)


At the table all day, other than a signing at the Marvel booth from 2-2:45. I have an interview right after, so I’ll probably be back to my table at about 3:30.

Then, Thursday night, starting at 7:30 at Rock Bar (185 Christopher Street, a very quick subway or cab from the convention, and a slightly longer walk), it’s the Rock’n’Comix party! Thrown by Oni Press, hosted by Albert Ching of Comic Book Resources, what you’ll be getting is a bunch of performances and live readings by a lot of cool folks. My band is playing (Charles Soule and the Rocket Fuel), for the first time out in a while (sort of the same theory as the blog), which I’m excited about. I’ve been working on a lot of new material and a whole new vibe for what we’re doing over the past six months or so, and this is the debut. In addition to that, you’ll get performances from Americans UK, Dean Haspiel, Antony Johnston, Ted Naifeh and Run by the Gun. Doors at 7:30, cover is $5, and I would guess we’ll be on around 9/9:30. Come on down – it would be awesome to have a full house for this!


I should be at the table all day, except for a break around mid-day for lunch. Again, that’s W15.

In the evening, I can be found here: https://thepit-nyc.com/event/co-ed-geek-girl-slumber-party-2/, for the Co-Ed Geek Girl Slumber Party (note the Co-Ed – it’s open to all!) It’s a variety show/improv comedy thing, which promises to be quite the amusing time. It’s hosted by Lorraine Cink, who you might know better as Marvel’s The Watcher, from many live videos and coverage of cool things.


This is the busy day – I’ll be at the table in the morning and the afternoon, but there’s a gap from about 11-3:45 where I have a bunch of panels and interviews and so on.

11 AM – Writers Unite! The long-running panel, hosted by Jim Zub (www.jimzub.com) of Wayward and Skullkickers fame, in which he, often me, and other great writers lay down some serious truths about breaking into the comics business. This year, we’re joined by Marguerite Bennett and Steve Orlando – should be fantastic. For all you aspiring writers or process junkies, this one is not to be missed.

2:45 PM – Marvel Cup O’ Joe! This is one of the big Marvel Q&A panels, at which I’ll be talking about Daredevil, Uncanny Inhumans, other Inhumans stuff… and I just may have a new series being announced. Actually, there’s no just may about it. I will have a new series announced here.


11:00 AM – Marvel Unlimited! This is always fun – a super secret panel for members of Marvel Unlimited, with sneak peeks at cool new things from all facets of the Marvel Multimedia Empire, from comics to TV to movies.

And then, a few hours later, I collapse. The show should be prettttttttty wonderful this year, and I hope to see you out!

I don’t know if you’re reading this on the main blog home page at charlessoule.wordpress.com or somewhere else, but if you’re at the main page, you can see some links over to the right ——>. Man, I need to update those things. While I think those are all great series, I mean, 27 came out in 2010/2011. I’ve done a fair bit of work since then.

On the list it goes.

Today is a big day! The first issue of my Lando series with Alex Maleev  comes out today, and it’s also the day that the first issue of my Civil War series with Leinil Yu hits. Kind of crazy.

The other big announcement is that I’m writing Daredevil, with Ron Garney on the art, starting this fall. Also crazy. I’ve done a few interviews talking about my take – one just hit at the AV Club, and I did another for Marvel.com with some additional information that should be popping up soon. I’ll try to do a post here with some thoughts soon as well.

Beyond that, just writing, writing. I have a few new creator-owned things I plan to show around a bit in San Diego, and I just finished a pretty substantial draft of a novel called The Oracle Year that I hope will be out in the world relatively soon. That side of things is really complex, though, and it’s hard to say whether it will work out. I’m proud of it, though, and I hope you will get to read it, if you’re so inclined.

Okay, enough with the updates! My schedule for this weekend is packed, with lots of interviews and signings and so on. Here are the highlights:

Thursday, July 9

4:30 PM – Marvel Panel, Inhumans and Mutants, with Jeff Lemire, among others. This one should be interesting – Jeff’s the new head writer for the X-Men side at Marvel, and I’m currently leading the charge for the Inhumans. We will discuss such things.

Friday, July 10

10 AM – Marvel Secret Wars Panel – I’ll be discussing Attilan Rising, Civil War and the state of the huge Secret Wars event. Should be great.

1 PM – Signing at the Marvel booth.

3 PM – Signing at the Oni booth.

Saturday, July 11

1 PM – Signing at the Marvel booth.

2:45 PM – Marvel Cup O’ Joe panel – probably discussing Lando and Daredevil, I think.

4 PM – Childhood Dreams Come True: Writing Licensed Characters – at which I will discuss my childhood dreams.

The other thing – I plan to bring a very limited number of the Lando #1 exclusive variant Alex Maleev and I did (see the post directly before this one for info) and I’ll have them available. How exactly that will work I’m not sure, since I don’t have a table, but if that’s something you’re interested in then I strongly suggest you follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/charlessoule).

See you in California!

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